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#44 - Weekly News Analysis (A2-B1 Level)

#44 - Weekly News Analysis (A2-B1 Level)

Bu podcastimizde A2-B1 seviyede 3 farklı haberi inceleyeceğiz.


  • metaverse - a virtual reality place where people can meet

  • content - things which are a part of something

  • reputation - what people think about someone or something.


The company Facebook changed its name to Meta. Facebook´s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company´s goal was still the same, and it still wanted to bring people together.

Now the company wanted to focus on virtual reality more and to build the metaverse. The company had many problems recently when some secret documents said that Facebook could badly impact some people´s mental health. Facebook also had problems with its content and false information, which were bad for its reputation.

Some people believe that by changing the name, the company wants to improve its reputation and change the negative feelings which some people have about Facebook. It also shows what the company wants to do in the future.


  • fall unconscious - when someone looks like he is sleeping and not reacting to anything

  • pin prick - a very small hole by a needle or another sharp tool

  • intoxicate - to give someone so much drugs or alcohol that the person loses control of the body


Young women across the UK said that someone injected them or put drugs in their drinks.

Sarah Buckle was a student at the University of Nottingham. She went out with her friends, and they had a few drinks in a club. Then, Sarah´s friends said that she started to have problems standing and talking, and she was really confused. Suddenly, Sarah fell unconscious.  Then she woke up in a hospital the next day. The woman found a pin prick on her hand, which made her believe that someone intoxicated her.

There were many similar cases across the country, as women reported that they found pin pricks on their backs, arms, and thighs. Now some women refuse to go to local nightclubs until they feel safe again.


  • to hold a conference - to organize a conference

  • negotiate - to discuss something and to officially agree

  • strike - to stop working for a period of time because you want more money, etc


Glasgow, Scotland, is holding the Climate Change Conference soon. At the conference, world leaders are going to negotiate how to stop climate change.

Thousands of young activists met in Sweden, because they wanted to remind leaders that they were going to watch the conference very closely. Young people planned strikes in more than 500 places in the world.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said that she was afraid of the result of the conference. Thunberg said that the situation was very serious, and young people would not let the leaders only talk and do nothing.

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