Jul 11, 2022 • 12M

#48 - Invisible Progress - C1

Why we should continue even if we do not see any progress at the beginning

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There is always invisible progress at the beginning when acquiring any new skill. We feel like nothing happens. Like there is no progress.

But actually, there is. But in a different form. In the state of adaptation of our body or/and mind to that previously inexperienced skill. Bodybuilding, weight loss, or language learning can be given as examples. You see no visible result for a long time. But then we, and sometimes others, start noticing small progress in our new skills. It gives us energy and motivation to continue.

So the first important thing here is to keep going. Consistency is the key. And it is not only the key to the final result but also the key to the visible beginning of progress.

And the second important thing is the system. Systematization of our routine, adaptation, and implementation of our new skills in our daily life. Because most of the time, when we reach the goal, we fall into the fallacy that we are complete and so we stop.

However, there is no status quo in our life. We either develop or degrade. No middle point, no stable point. So, what we should do is focus on the system rather than on the goal. We should build an architecture of our routine. We should think about implementing the new skill to make it a habit, consequently making it stick.

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